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Scrutiny of Swansea Public Services Board.


Resolved that the Chair of the Scrutiny Programme Committee write to the Public Service Board, reflecting the discussion and sharing the views of the Committee.   






The Cabinet Member for Economy, Finance & Strategy (Leader), the Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Service Transformation (Deputy Leader), the Deputy Chief Executive, the Executive Director – Public Health, the Strategic Lead Commissioner and the Partnership & Involvement Team Manager were all present for Scrutiny of the Swansea Public Services Board.


The key focus was on the Public Services Board (PBS) Annual Report 2020/21, and specific discussion on the Early Years and Live Well Age Well PSB Well-being Objectives. A verbal address was given by representatives, further to the written report, including the following points: -


·                The PSB Joint Committee had been improving baseline data, it was developing a new well-being assessment and a new framework that would support the reporting of performance

·                The Joint Committee had agreed a scoping matrix to ensure clarity around objectives and projects being worked on in terms of the contribution of the PSB and involvement of the Joint Committee

·                The past year or so had been dominated by Covid-19 response, impacting on its work

·                Substantial work had been undertaken across the Live Well, Age Well and Early Years delivery groups, and reference was made to: -

o  Children’s Rights Scheme

o  Children’s Rights Network

o  Work ongoing to make Swansea an age friendly City

o  Age Well Steering Group

o  Recruitment of a Partnership and Involvement Officer

o  Engagements and consultations

o  Safeguarding and Equality in the LGBTQ+ Community

o  Work had commenced on encouraging voting at 16+


Questions and discussions focussed on the following: -


·                Performance framework and management arrangements to evidence the difference the PSB is making as well as the reporting of achievements and outcomes of meetings

·                Improvement of baseline date under the well-being assessment

·                Development of a framework to support the reporting of performance

·                Improved model for delivering and measuring success – hard and softer key performance indicators and the perception progress tracker for partners

·                A scoping matrix had been agreed to ensure work streams and objectives were clear

·                Some examples of improvements / initiatives implemented were reported such as – Commitment to Human Rights City, culture of community, mental health agenda, climate emergency and nature emergency, improvements on High Street, strengthening relationships with partners and funding from Natural Resources Wales

·                Public visibility of the work of the PSB and better engagement with the public 

·                Arrangements for processing and using opinions collected in engagements events

·                Effect of new distributor road on the air quality in Hafod – seen a 30% reduction in N02 since its opening in 2016 (this figure excluded the reduced traffic due to Covid-19) and a 28% reduction in traffic through Hafod on Neath Road in the first 2 years of opening

·                Success of Men’s Shed Scheme and Active Travel Scheme with increasing importance on green spaces 

·                Future of the Bay Hospital – extension of the temporary planning permission


The Chair thanked all Members, Officers and Board Members.


Resolved that the Chair of the Scrutiny Programme Committee write to the Public Service Board, reflecting the discussion and sharing the views of the Committee.   

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