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Agenda and draft minutes

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Contact: Democratic Services - 636824 

No. Item


Disclosures of Personal and Prejudicial Interests.


The Chief Legal Officer gave advice regarding the potential personal and prejudicial interests that Councillors and / Officers may have on the agenda.


The Head of Democratic Services reminded Councillors and Officers that the

“Disclosures of Personal and Prejudicial Interests” sheet should only be completed if the Councillor / Officer actually had an interest to declare. Nil returns were not required. Councillors and Officers were also informed that any declarable interest must be made orally and in writing on the sheet.


In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Conduct adopted by the City and County of Swansea the following interests were declared:


1)       Councillor D W Helliwell declared a Personal Interest in Minute 29 “Notice of Motion – Home Farm”.


2)       Councillors A M Day, R Francis-Davies, L S Gibbard, P K Jones, E T Kirchner, A S Lewis, W G Lewis, P Lloyd, C L Philpott, C Richards, D G Sullivan, M Sykes, G J Tanner, L V Walton and T M White declared a Personal Interest in Minute 30 “Statutory Pension Age”.


Minutes. pdf icon PDF 192 KB

To approve & sign the Minutes of the previous meeting(s) as a correct record.

Additional documents:


Resolved that the following Minutes be approved and signed as a correct record:


1)              Annual Meeting of Council held on 9 May 2019;


2)              Ceremonial Meeting of Council held on 17 May 2019;


3)              Ceremonial Meeting of Council held on 12 June 2019 subject to Councillor A M Day being added to the list of apologies.


Written Responses to Questions asked at the Last Ordinary Meeting of Council - None.


There were no written responses to questions asked at the last Ordinary Meeting of Council.


Announcements of the Presiding Member.


1)              Webcasting of Meeting


The Presiding Member stated that as part of the ongoing works to enable Webcasting of Council, Cabinet, Planning Committee and the Scrutiny Programme Committee, the Meeting was being recorded.


2)              Wales’ best in the Federation of Master Builders’ (FMB) Master Builder Awards


The Presiding Member congratulated Lynsey Davies of Building Services for being named Wales’ best in the Federation of Master Builders’ Master Builder Awards 2019.  Lynsey will be entered into the National FMB awards on 20 September 2019.  Ifan Glyn, Director of FMB Cymru, said “Lynsey is a shining example of how commitment, dedication and determination can achieve results and we wish her luck in the national final.”


Lynsey Davies was present to receive her award.


3)              Queen’s Birthday Honours 2019


Citizens of Swansea and / or People with Links to Swansea who received awards in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.


a)              Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)


i)                Derek Vaughan, MEP Member of the European Parliament for Wales.  For political and public service.


b)              Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)


i)                Gerallt Bowen Davies National Operations Officer Wales, St John Ambulance. For services to First Aid provision in Wales. (Swansea, West Glamorgan)


ii)               Pamela Christine Evans Founder and Director, Peace Mala. For services to the Promotion of Peace and Interfaith Understanding. (Morriston, Swansea)


iii)             Karen Margaret MacKinnon For services to the Arts. (Swansea Council’s Glynn Vivian Art Gallery Curator). (Brynmill, Swansea)


iv)             Michael Clive Norman. Volunteer and Founder Member Penllergare Valley Woods. For services to Welsh Heritage.


c)               British Empire Medal (BEM)


i)                Ian Kevin Jenkins. Caseworker, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. For public and community service in Swansea. (Swansea)


ii)               Brian Thomas Sullivan.  Known as Brian Quinlan on stage. For services to charity and the Performing Arts. (Swansea).


4)              Corrections / Amendments to the Council Summons


a)              Minute 27 “Councillors’ Questions” – Question 7

Add Councillor I E Mann to the names of those submitting the question.


b)              Minute 29 “Notice of Motion – Home Farm”

Add Councillor I E Mann P N May to the names of those submitting the motion.


Announcements of the Leader of the Council.


1)              Amendments to the Cabinet Portfolios


The Deputy Leader of the Council reported that the following amendments had been made to the Cabinet Portfolios:


Business Transformation & Performance


Equalities & Diversity


Commercial Services


Better Communities (People - Lead)


Adult Lifelong Learning

Swansea - A Human Rights City


Equalities & Diversity




Commercial Services

Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) (Lead)



Environment & Infrastructure Management



Fleet Renewal & Maintenance

Parks & Cleansing

Public Transport


Homes & Energy


Green Fleet Transport & Green Vehicle Adoption


He also stated that the Head of Democratic Services would email all Councillors the updated list of Cabinet Portfolios and would update the Council Constitution.


2)              Welcome back Phil Roberts (Chief Executive)


The Deputy Leader of the Council welcomed Phil Roberts (Chief Executive) back following a period of illness.  He also thanked Jack Straw for acting as the Interim Chief Executive during that period.


3)              Local Government Reorganisation Update


The Deputy Leader of the Council provided an update on Local Government Reorganisation.  He stated that a further Group was to be established to look at the issue and that they were due to feedback in October 2019.


4)              Great Western Powerhouse - Collaboration


The Deputy Leader of the Council stated that the Leader of the Council would be attending a meeting in London in July relating to the possibility of creating a Great Western Powerhouse.


5)              Potential Development Opportunity Along Foreshore


The Deputy Leader of the Council stated that following the recent Prior Information Notice (PIN) in relation to potential development opportunities along the foreshore, the Leader of the Council, having listened to the feedback had decided not to proceed with any development in the area of the West Cross Inn.


6)              Swansea @ 50


The Deputy Leader of the Council referred to a number of current and forthcoming events linked with Swansea celebrating its 50th anniversary as a City.  Swansea was made a City on 3 July 1969.


He referred to the Street Party currently being held by the Sandfields Community on St Helen’s Road; the visit of the Princess of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to the Patti Pavilion, Victoria Park and Tabernacle Chapel, Morriston on 5 July 2019 and the Wales Air Show - Swansea Bay being held on 6 & 7 July 2019.


Public Questions.

Questions must relate to matters on the open part of the Agenda of the meeting and will be dealt with in a 10 minute period.


A number of questions were asked by members of the public relating to Minute 28 “Notice of Motion – Climate Emergency”.  The relevant Cabinet Member responded accordingly.  No questions required a written response.


Presentation - None.


No Public Presentations were received.


Honorary Freedom of the City & County of Swansea to Catherine Zeta Jones. pdf icon PDF 105 KB


The Leader of the Council submitted a report, which considered conferring Honorary Freedom of the City & County of Swansea on Catherine Zeta Jones.


Catherine Zeta Jones CBE was born in Swansea and is a multi-award winning actress whose talents range from theatre to film.  She began her career on the stage in London before becoming a TV star in the popular adaptation of H E Bates “The Darling Buds of May”.  She won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Velma Kelly in the screen adaptation of the Broadway musical “Chicago”.


She has also been nominated for a Golden Globe and won the Critics’ Choice Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress for her performance.  Catherine has also had starring roles in the films “Ocean’s 12, The Mask of Zorro, Entrapment and The Terminal”.


During her career Catherine has been an ambassador for Swansea and has worked with a number of charities.


Resolved that:


1)              Honorary Freedom of the City & County of Swansea be granted to Catherine Zeta Jones;


2)              A Ceremonial Council meeting be held on 24 July 2019 to confer the title of Honorary Freedom.


Membership of Committees. pdf icon PDF 94 KB


The Business Transformation & Performance Cabinet Member submitted a report which sought Council approval to the nominations / amendments to the membership of Council Bodies.  He also added some amendments to the report.


He referred to the report stating that the Leader of the Council had also made changes to the Authority’s Member Champions as outlined below:


1)              Armed Forces Member Champion

Remove Councillor J E Burtonshaw.

Add Councillor W G Lewis.


2)              Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE)

Remove Councillor W Evans.

Add Labour Vacancy.


Resolved that the membership of the Council Bodies listed below be amended as follows:


1)              Audit Committee

Remove Councillor W G Thomas.

Add Councillor D W Helliwell.


2)              Poverty Reduction Policy Development Committee

Remove Councillor G J Tanner.

Add Councillor K M Roberts.


3)              Scrutiny Programme Committee

Remove Councillor J E Burtonshaw.

Add Councillor J A Hale.


4)              Corporate Parenting Board

Remove Councillor W Evans.

Add Councillor S Pritchard.


5)              Armed Forces Community Covenant Panel

Remove Councillor J E Burtonshaw.

Add Councillor W G Lewis.


Councillors' Questions. pdf icon PDF 109 KB


1)              Part A ‘Supplementary Questions’


Six (6) Part A ‘Supplementary Questions’ were submitted.  The relevant Cabinet Member(s) responded by way of written answers contained in the Council Summons.


Those supplementary question(s) required a written response are shown below:


Question 4.  Councillor P M Black asked:

“Will the Cabinet Member give an assurance that there would be a transparent line in the budget setting out the maintenance amount for all to see?”


The Environment & Infrastructure Management Cabinet Member stated that he would discuss the issue with the Section 151 Officer and provide a written response.


2)       Part B ‘Questions not requiring Supplementary Questions’


Two (2) Part B ‘Questions not requiring Supplementary Questions’ were submitted.


Notice of Motion - Climate Emergency. pdf icon PDF 127 KB


Proposed by Councillor P K Jones and Seconded by Councillor M Sherwood.


The motion reads:


“This Council notes the recent conclusion of an interim report from scientists on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that every effort must be made to prevent the continuing average global temperature rise exceeding 1.5C above pre-industrial levels.  However, such an increase could, with present government policies, be reached as early as 2030, with further increases in the decades thereafter.  Such a scale of temperature rise threatens both human civilisation and all other life forms on the planet, with drastic disruption of agriculture, and the loss of terrestrial and marine wildlife habitats.  We recognise that throughout the world, already, species of plants and animals are becoming extinct in record numbers; coral reefs, which are fundamental to marine life are dying; small island nations and coastal cities are threatened by sea level rise from the melting of polar ice sheets; the human death toll from adverse weather events – such as excess cold, excess heat, hurricane, flood – is increasing.


We note the activism of young people throughout the world, expressing their feeling of disempowerment in this situation and asking the decision-makers of today to take urgent action to protect their futures.


We acknowledge that globally, the actions required to address climate change effectively rest with national governments and require international collaboration, but there is still important work that local councils can do.


We recognise the recent history of this council in aiming to do its utmost to reduce carbon emissions, enhance biodiversity, and secure a prosperous, low-carbon economy for our region.  We are proud of the actions taken by Swansea Council to date which include:


·                 The City & County of Swansea Pension Fund is one of the first Pension Fund’s in the UK to adopt an Environmental, Social & Governance policy which commits the pension fund to reduce its already low exposure to carbon based fossil fuel investments by up to 50% over the next 4 years. In doing so, it accepts that investing in new green energy, infrastructure and socially responsible investments offers the best sustainable financial return for members of the pension fund over the long term. Progress is reported on an annual basis.

·                 Changing 21,053 street lights to LED, reducing CO2 year on year by 2,198,608.49kg.

·                 Delivering an annual Clean Air Roadshow to stimulate public uptake in electric vehicles and promote improving air quality.

·                 Delivering insulation and energy efficiency measures to benefit tenants of our council housing.

·                 Promoting Welsh & UK Government campaigns and programmes to increase energy efficiency amongst private tenants and home owners, reducing fuel poverty and reducing emissions.

·                 Campaigning for the electrification of the railway line from Swansea to London.

·                 Progressing work towards a world-leading Tidal Lagoon, supporting community-owned renewable energy schemes, like SCEES, to deliver clean energy and benefit local schools and community buildings.

·                 Working with others nationally to urge Welsh Government to develop electric car charging infrastructure.

·                 Being leaders of good practice in Wales through having Sustainable Development policies and approaches pre-dating the Well-Being of Future Generations Act.

·                 Recently incorporating care for the natural environment into our corporate plan as a new priority, recognizing the hugely important contribution made by the extensive work of our Nature Conservation Team.

·                 Building the first council housing in a generation here in Swansea to Passivhaus standard, and begun building new council housing to a super-energy-efficient “Swansea Standard” that will enable all components to be procured locally and reducing emissions using solar battery storage and air source heat pumps.

·                 Using innovation in construction for flagship projects such as Pentrehafod School, showcasing waste minimization and sustainability.

·                 Winning investment for innovative green technology, such as “Homes as Power Stations”, as part of the City Region Deal.

·                 Continuing to seek opportunities to add to our corporate fleet of Electric Vehicles, which is already the largest in Wales.

·                 Continuing to deliver on our Carbon Reduction strategy: 42% reduction in emissions since our baseline year.

·                 Securing funding for a vast increase in Active Travel (walking and cycling) routes throughout the county and supported Swansea University’s community cycle scheme.

·                 Becoming an Anti-Fracking Local Authority in 2016, having passed a motion to “oppose any unconventional gas development (fracking)” which also committed us to working towards being a fossil fuel free local authority by 2025.

·                 Implementing agile working so that our workforce may reduce unnecessary travel.

·                 Developing local procurement practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

·                 In Education, we are early joiners of the international EcoSchools programmes which encourages schools to promote recycling and reduce energy and water consumption.

·                 Encourage our Foundation Phase learning pupils to learn outdoors ensuring a respect for nature, biodiversity and eco-systems.

·                 At KS4, developing partnerships with our Universities to establish STEM workshops including the impact of climate change.


We recognise the importance of working closely with researchers in order to have the latest knowledge and the clearest understanding about what we can do to respond to the urgent need to address climate change.


This Council therefore declares climate emergency, and calls upon the government of the United Kingdom to do the same. We commit to:


1.               Call upon the UK and Welsh governments to provide us with the necessary powers and resources to ensure Swansea becomes carbon neutral by 2030.


2.               Publicise climate emergency and promote a greater awareness of the truth of climate change amongst the local population.


3.               Work with relevant experts in research and development to:


a.               Review our current strategies and action plans for addressing climate change.

b.               Identify any further policy changes or actions which we could undertake, within the scope of our powers and resources, to meet the challenge of climate emergency.

c.               Seek the help of local partners such as Swansea University and other research bodies to, within one year, produce a report to share with the community, explaining work already underway and achievements already made, as well as targets for the future.


4.               Update on further work undertaken by the Council in this area on an annual basis through the Council Annual Review of Performance Report section on corporate objective - Maintaining and enhancing Swansea's natural resources and biodiversity.”


Resolved that the Notice of Motion outlined above be adopted.


Note: Councillor W G Thomas asked:


“I note the excellent work carried out by the Council in relation to building energy efficient homes and its impact on reducing carbon.  What can we do to improve those aspects in Council premises and Offices?”


The Homes & Energy Cabinet Member sated that a written response would be provided.


Notice of Motion - Home Farm. pdf icon PDF 91 KB


Proposed by Councillor A M Day and Seconded by Councillor C L Philpott.


The motion reads:


We note that the Cabinet has authorised the publication of Prior Information Notices (PIN) in respect of a number of sites owned by the Council. We note the suggestion that Home Farm, located within Singleton Park, is one of the sites listed on the Sell2Wales websites.


We further note that the description states that the Council is seeking partners ‘to maximise site value and in securing developers profits from market led residential, commercial and mixed use proposals..’ and that the PIN continues:


Home Farm, Singleton Park - Currently a 42 unit scheme potentially including 20% affordable housing supported by Planning Pre-Application response.


We note the Council’s financial difficulties but Home Farm which is located within Swansea’s showcase park should not be exploited for financial reward.


We note the considerable public concern about the proposal, specifically the encroachment of residential developments into the City’s largest public park, the potential loss of access to some of the City’s most historical buildings, the increase in traffic from such a development and the lack of segregation of pedestrian and vehicular traffic and the problems of access and egress to the site onto Sketty Lane.


In light of this and the recent formation of the Friends of Singleton Park Group, we call upon the Cabinet to have the widest possible discussions around other suitable and appropriate uses for Home Farm which are consistent with its location.


Councillor C E Lloyd Proposed an amended motion which was Seconded by Councillor M Thomas.  On being put to the votes, the amended Motion was accepted and became the substantive motion.


The amended motion reads:


“We note Cabinet has authorised the publication of Prior Information Notices (PIN) in respect of a number of sites owned by the Council. We note the suggestion that Home Farm is one of the sites listed on the Sell2Wales Websites.


We further note that the description states that the Council is seeking partners “to maximise site value and in securing developers profits from market led residential, commercial and mixed use proposals…” and that the PIN continues:


Home Farm Singleton Park – Currently a 42 unit scheme potentially including 20% affordable housing supported by Planning Pre-Application response.


Council notes initial feedback from residents following publication of the PIN and the recent formation of the Friends of Singleton Park Group. It therefore calls upon Cabinet to have the widest possible discussions around other suitable and appropriate uses for Home Farm Depot, which are consistent with its location.


We request the Leader to set up a cross party working group to consider viable options for the repurposing of the Home Farm Depot which should report to Cabinet within the next 6 months.”


Resolved that the amended Notice of Motion as outlined above be adopted.


Notice of Motion - Statutory Pension Age. pdf icon PDF 92 KB


Proposed by Councillor L S Gibbard and Seconded by Councillor C E Lloyd.


The motion reads:


“This Council notes the previous motion passed in December 2016 which called upon the Government to make fair transitional state pension arrangements for 1950s women who have unfairly borne the burden of the increase to the Statutory Pension Age with a complete lack of notification and believes it is appalling that the government has still not acted on behalf of the 15,000 Swansea women affected by their actions.


We further note the judicial review hearing at the High Court which took place on the 5th and 6th of June 2019 and eagerly await the outcome of the case.


This Council requests that the Leader writes to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to outline Swansea Council’s continuing support for the women campaigning against state pension inequality.


Resolved that the Notice of Motion outlined above be adopted.


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