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Minutes of Previous Meeting(s) pdf icon PDF 321 KB

To receive the minutes of the previous meeting(s) and agree as an accurate record.

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The Panel agreed the minutes of the meeting on 02 June as an accurate record of the meeting.


Public Question Time

Questions must be submitted in writing, no later than noon on the

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No questions were submitted.


Performance Monitoring pdf icon PDF 179 KB

Amy Hawkins, Interim Head of Adult Services

Helen St John, Interim Head of Integrated Community Services

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Amy Hawkins, Interim Head of Adult Services and Helen St John, Interim Head of Integrated Community Services attended to brief the Panel on the Performance Monitoring Report for May 2021.


Discussion Points:

·         This is the first report since the change of system to WCCIS.  There are some reporting anomalies on the new system. 

·         Panel felt the community Mental Health Team will come under more and more pressure in coming months.  Panel noted that most of the performance data is ‘out of sink’ due to Covid etc and queried when the Panel will have more accurate figures on the Mental Health Team.  They also queried how the public could be reassured that both Health and Social Services are on top of the problem.  Officers confirmed the inaccuracies are due to the new system and they are working on the performance data.  Officers stated work around Mental Health Teams is driven by plans around Mental Health and Wellbeing Board.  It is a regional approach.  Panel informed a public single point of access will be launched in the coming months.  Panel felt all Members should be sent information on the single access point, given an idea of what is available now, who they can contact and what projects are currently running. 

·         Panel felt the words ‘pressure’ and ‘Covid’, problems with staff numbers, employing staff and pressure in communities were often mentioned. Also Social Services has moved to people being looked after at home.   Panel queried if pressures are due to Covid or because of expecting too much of people.  Officers confirmed they are starting to see people coming to Social Services in crisis and pressures are a mixture of everything. 

·         Panel raised a query about Learning Disabilities and Day Services – many carers for people with Learning Disabilities are elderly.  Panel wondered how much support is being given to these carers.  Officers confirmed day services have been limited in capacity due to social distancing.  Carers assessments and direct payments are being offered and the team are trying to accommodate families with alternatives to day services. 

·         In the report it was mentioned that there had been a significant increase in safeguarding referrals and more DOLS referrals.  Panel queried if there was a common theme between these two and what is driving it.  Officers confirmed there is no direct link that they know of between the two.  They are not sure why there is an increase but do not believe it is because of Covid and are keeping a watching brief. 



·         All Members to receive information about the single point of access for Mental Health Services.


Initial Feedback from Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) Assurance Visit

David Howes, Director of Social Services

Amy Hawkins, Interim Head of Adult Services

Helen St John, Interim Head of Integrated Community Services


Mark Child, Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care and Community Health Services, Dave Howes, Director of Social Services, Amy Hawkins, Interim Head of Adult Services and Helen St John, Interim Head of Integrated Community Services attended to provide initial informal feedback to the Panel on the CIW Assurance Visit and feedback on the specific inspection of Swansea’s Domiciliary Care Services. 


Discussion Points:

·         Cabinet Member stated they are speculating until the final report on the Assurance Visit is received. 

·         Inspectors felt they had a good cross section of service users, carers, staff and partner agencies. 

·         Directorate felt that as a team they presented a strong collaborative strength based approach, that the feedback reflected the good work the teams are doing and that areas that need development and that the Directorate are taking forward are the ones the inspectors recognized also.    

·         Officers confirmed final report just been published on Domiciliary Care Inspection that took place on 24 May 2021.  Inspectors confirmed Swansea Domiciliary Care Services inspection is the biggest they perform. 

·         Under areas for improvement, there were no areas for significant improvement. 

·         There were three areas where need action to improve.  These will be followed up in next inspection.  None of the issues were unexpected and the Directorate was aware of them before the inspection. 

·         There was excellent positive feedback from staff in respect of support and training and feedback from individuals using the services was excellent. 

·         Panel asked officers to take back to all staff their sincere thanks for all their hard work.

·         Director stated he is hugely appreciative of work of staff, Heads of Service and their senior management teams.  He felt the workforce had properly represented all of their hard work demonstrated in the most difficult of times, which has been truly outstanding and inspection feedback reflects this. 

·         Panel queried if the Authority had thought about tangible recognition for dedication of staff to give proper thanks.  Cabinet Member stated Authority hopes to be able to demonstrate City’s thanks to care workers and others across the City who have worked above and beyond.  He does not know what the events will be. 


Panel Review of the Year 2020-21 and draft Work Programme 2021-22 pdf icon PDF 237 KB


Panel Members reviewed the year 2020-21 and discussed four questions.


What went well? 


·         Identified a number of in-depth topics

·         Scrutiny went well

·         Presentations were good

·         Staff very much on top of things despite what is happening and found time to keep Panel updated on what was happening

·         Joint meetings useful in short term but would not want it as a permanent thing.


What did not go so well?


·         Nothing that did not go well.  Could not have asked any more of staff


Has the Panel focussed on the right things?


·         Did not have a choice.  Had to focus on Covid.

·         Joint meetings helped with allowing staff to get on with jobs.


What have we learnt that will help us with future AS Scrutiny?


·         Performance monitoring very selective in many cases.  Way it is presented to Panel is quite complicated and not timely.  Always at least a quarter behind.  Due to Covid, performance data skewed so much it is not accurate or relevant.  Social Services so involved with Covid and caring for people, performance monitoring has taken a backward step and rightly so.  Not criticising staff in any way, their performance has been outstanding. 

·         When listen to initial feedback from CIW visits – What Panel has done well is to support the services, Adult and Child and Family Services.  What has not happened is performance data is not relevant to what current situation is.  


Regarding the draft work programme 2021-22, Panel felt there is a need to have a clear understanding of what the Directorate is seeking to deliver in service terms.  At meeting on 20 October 2021, service descriptors are scheduled to be discussed.  Date still to be confirmed for item on outcomes budgeting.  Panel feels it needs clarity on how much of budget is to be measured in outcome terms as opposed to output terms. 


Panel informed response to last convener’s letter is due and expect confirmation of what Directorate can do for the Panel this year 2021-22 in terms of an item on outcomes budgeting. 





Letter to Cabinet Member pdf icon PDF 265 KB

Response from Cabinet Member (14 July 2021 meeting) pdf icon PDF 518 KB