Community/Town Council

The Community/Town Council Clerk can be contacted using the details below.

Gorseinon Town Council


The Clerk to a Town Council advises the Town Council and assists in the development of policies to be followed by the Community Council's whilst undertaking their activities. They also produce all the information required for making and executing effective decisions.

The Town Council Clerk is mainly responsible for the administration and finances of the Town Council. They act as the Responsible Financial Officer for the Town Council.

The main duties of a Town Council Clerk include:

·   Taking and distributing minutes of the meetings.

·   Writing letters and making phone calls relating to issues raised at meetings.

·   Receiving post and preparing lists and distributing information to Councillors between meetings.

·   Liaising with the Chairman.

·   Preparing Agendas.

·   Dealing with planning applications in the Community and when relevant contacting the City Council about such plans.

·   Preparing end of year accounts for auditing.

·   Advising the City Council of any vacancies arising on its Council and to deal with those vacancies in accordance with statutory law.


Contact information

John Millard, Clerk

39 Gorseinon Road

Phone:  01792 895690



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