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Agenda and minutes

Venue: Committee Room 6, Guildhall, Swansea. View directions

Contact: Democratic Services - (01792) 636923 

No. Item


Welcome & Apologies for Absence.


Roger Thomas, Vice Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that Councillor Clive Lloyd (Chair) had been called away at short notice.  Introductions of those present were made.


Disclosures of Personal & Prejudicial Interest.


No interests were declared.


Minutes. pdf icon PDF 258 KB

To approve and sign the Minutes of the previous meeting(s) as a correct record.


Agreed that the Minutes of the Swansea Public Services Board meeting held on 20 June 2019 be approved and signed as a correct record.


Matters Arising:


Minute 10 – Safer Swansea Partnership


The Police & Crime Commissioner queried the reporting mechanism between the Safer Swansea Partnership and the PSB due to there being no Community Safety Board in Swansea.  Adam Hill responded that the Community Safety Partnership reported via the Strong Communities Work stream, then through the PSB, then to the Safer Swansea Partnership and Critical Incident Group and back to the PSB to ensure the ‘golden thread’.


Minute 19 – Any Other Business


It was commented that a further reason for raising this issue had been an attempt to improve communication methods between partners for those events in Swansea where road closures or restrictions would be in place.  This would aid both pre-arranged appointments and emergencies at Singleton Hospital, including access for ambulances.  As a result, all correspondence between partners would include links to the Swansea Events webpage to ensure that partners were notified well in advance of relevant events.


Action: Partners to ensure they view the Swansea Events webpage on a regular basis for any relevant updates.


Highlight Reports on Well-being Objective Workstreams (including Risk log). pdf icon PDF 495 KB

·                 Early Years – Swansea Bay University Health Board;

·                 Live Well, Age Well – Adam Hill, Swansea Council;

·                 Working With Nature – Martyn Evans, Natural Resources Wales;

·                 Strong Communities – Roger Thomas, Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service.

Additional documents:


Highlight report updates and risk logs were provided on the following:


·                 Early Years – Swansea Bay University Health Board (update provided by Joanne Abbott-Davies;




1)    Identify lead for Early Years Strategy Steering Group after the retirement of Andrew Davies;

2)    Provide senior strategic support to PSB workforce to promote the ‘Best Start’ campaign;

3)    Discuss funding issues of health staff within Jig-so, explore the form of support PSB can provide to enable the continuation of this project;

4)    Specialist training that supports the sector to understand, address and support children with ALN within provision;

5)    Confidence that referrals into specialists support can withstand a possible increase of children being identified earlier with ALN, eg before the age of 3 years.


·                 Live Well, Age Well – Adam Hill, Swansea Council;




1)    Can the PSB consider Culture Change & Involvement to be moved to a cross cutting theme across the 4 objectives?  At the moment it just sits within the Live Well Age Well objective and it was strongly recommended by all present at the live Well Age Well Objective Workshop that this was an output which would be evidenced across all of the work of the PSB;

2)    Can the PSB explore what a ‘City for All’, taking a rights based approach, would look like and the relationship and fit with specific initiatives such as Age Friendly Cities, Playful Cities, City of Sanctuary, Intercultural Cities, City of Culture, Human Rights City for example?  At the workshop these featured strongly as potentially confusing and conflicting messages for partners and citizens. 


·                 Working With Nature (WWN) – Martyn Evans, Natural Resources Wales;


Discussion around work that has been carried out, in particular the Green Infrastructure (GI) Strategy, which could be used as a good   example of past PSB work.  In addition, planting of trees in Penlan had   taken place as direct result of discussions that had taken place in PSB.


Phase 1 of a joint scheme with NRW & Pembrokeshire County Borough Council on Climate Change had taken place.  There would be an opportunity for Swansea and Neath Port Talbot to be involved in Phase 2.  Further details would be provided in due course.




1)    Wider engagement with the WWN theme;

2)    Martyn Evans to provide further information on Phase 2 of the Climate Change scheme in due course.


·                 Strong Communities – Roger Thomas, Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service.




1)    PSB Partners to ensure appropriate attendance at meetings, ie attendees with authority to make decisions on behalf of their respective organisations;

2)    PSB to ensure that ‘Action owners’ commit to delivering on the agreed actions within the plan.


Other Actions raised:


1)        It was also suggested that the 4 Lead Officers Group meet more frequently.

2)        Joanne Abbott-Davies to inform Steve Davies of the name of the NHS representative for the Strong Communities Work stream.  Representative to attend the next work stream meeting on 24 September.

3)        Healthy Cities also be included in the ‘City for All’.


It was clarified that the strategic lead for a Work stream did not necessary need be a member of the PSB.  The PSB would set the strategic direction and feed back to each of the 4 strategic leads.


It was acknowledged that this was the first time partners had completed these forms and they were still learning what should be included / omitted.  An example of a well completed form would be circulated in due course.


The Police & Crime Commissioner highlighted work already ongoing and was keen to understand how this would feed into the strategic work of the PSB and how the actions would be taken forward:


·                 Early Action Together – positive role in the community;

·                 Critical Incident work – ongoing;

·                 Violence Agenda – UK government allocating £880k for use on early intervention and long term benefit.  A joint 4 year strategy on Violence against Women and Girls would also be launched;

·                 IRIS programme (training staff in GP surgeries re violence);

·                 Drive programme (Merthyr & Cardiff) – challenging perpetrators.


Adam Hill stated that where relevant, the Work streams would pick up any relevant actions.  However, if there was something specific that needed to be discussed in more detail, the item could be added to the agenda (with approval from the Chair) and a report drafted by the relevant partner / invited participant.


The next Critical Incident Group would be held on 19 September and focus on the action plan.  It was a 1 year Task & Finish Group.  Adam Hill would provide an update at the next meeting. 


It was also highlighted that High Street, Swansea had been nominated for Best High Street in the UK award.


Joint Committee Action / Issue Log. pdf icon PDF 281 KB



Adam Hill presented the Joint Committee Action / Issue Log.


He highlighted ID 01 in relation to action plans for each of the Work streams which would hopefully resolve itself due to the revised governance arrangements.


The Committee discussed how it could improve outcomes by working together more on ‘prevention’, not only to save money for partners further down the line but also in a bid to reduce demand on services. 


In addition, Swansea PSB were already working with NPT in an effort to reduce the workload and duplication by possibly scheduling consecutive meetings so all partners were in one location for several meetings in a day.  It would also continue to work closely with the West Glamorgan Regional Programme Board (RPB).


The use of technology, eg Skype & Video Conferencing to assist partners in order to accelerate work and reduce the time pressures on already busy diaries (including travelling) was also discussed.


Future Public Services Board Work Plan. (Verbal Discussion)

·       Pooled Budgets (Verbal Discussion) – Adam Hill, Swansea Council


Adam Hill reported that partners were currently not in a position to discuss pooled budgets until there was clarification on specific actions.  They would also need to consider the governance of the money and responsibility for delivering actions.




1)              Adam Hill to bring a paper to a future PSB meeting on Pooled Budgets.


Our Future Wales - Involvement for the Future Generations Report 2020. pdf icon PDF 112 KB



Adam Hill reported that correspondence had been circulated to partners in relation to the consultation from the Future Generations Report 2020 ‘Cymru ein Dyfodol / Our Future Wales’.


The views of Public Services Boards and PSB Scrutiny Committees were being sought to feed into the conversation that would inform the first Future Generations Report 2020.




1)              Partners to submit their comments / views to the PSB Support Officer and a response would be drafted for consideration at the next meeting.


Hosting of Partnership Forum - 8 October 2019. (Verbal)



Adam Hill asked partners to consider hosting the first Partnership Forum on the afternoon of 8 October 2019.  The venue would need to accommodate approximately 100 people and as there was no budget to pay for room hire, would need to be available without charge.


Joanne Abbott-Davies suggested Morriston Education Centre, however she would need to check availability / car parking arrangements.  Other venues were also suggested such as Brynmill Scout Hut, Swansea University.




1)              Partners to provide any other option to the PSB Support Officer.


Future Agenda Items.


Adam Hill stated that as the Swansea Public Services Board Joint Committee was open to the public to attend, Public Question Time should be included on all future agendas.




1)              Public Question Time be added to all future agendas of the Swansea Public Services Board Joint Committee.


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