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Agenda and minutes

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Contact: Democratic Services - 01792 636923 

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Welcome & Apologies for Absence.


The Chair welcomed all present to the meeting and introductions were invited from all present.


The Chair enquired after Mr Phil Roberts, Chief Executive who was recovering following a short illness. The Deputy Chief Executive reported that Mr Roberts was making a positive recovery and would hopefully be returning to work towards the end of the month or soon after.


The Chair asked if the best wishes of the Board be conveyed to Mr Roberts.


Disclosures of Personal & Prejudicial Interest.


No interests were declared.


Minutes. pdf icon PDF 107 KB

To approve and sign the Minutes of the previous meeting(s) as a correct record.  


Agreed that the Minutes of the Swansea Public Services Board Partnership Group meeting held on 12 March 2019 be approved and signed as a correct record.


Public Questions.

Questions must relate to matters on the open part of the Agenda of the meeting and will be dealt with in a 10 minute period.


Mr Nortridge Perrott asked the following question:


“Specifically to be produced is a Swansea Public Services Board (PSB) Work Plan, a new Governance Structure at Core Group and the embedding of 5 ways of working built into all PSB actions and deliberations using a new model to deliver a streamlined and simplified operation of Swansea PSB with far great accountability.  Can you disclose the new structure & work plan for Swansea PSB and in view of the suggested “pooled budged” notion to Wellbeing & Future Generations Act delivery, what audit and financial reporting is current within the PSB and Core Group members?”


The Chair responded as follows:


·                 The new structure was detailed in the publically available papers for the Partnership Group meeting that day;

·                 Work plans had been agreed and delivery was taking place for each of the 4 Work Streams but were not yet formally signed off due to timing and logistics reasons.  The Core Group had agreed that each of the 4 Work Streams would be headed up by one of the 4 statutory partners, which would come back to the PSB Joint Committee for approval;

·                 Pooled budgets were not in place therefore the PSB has no specific budget except what the Local Authority and Health Board contributed.  The approach for delivery was that each organisation would contribute in terms of personnel, however the Core Group had discussed that if this was going to be the “day job” then a discussion on pooled budgets would have to take place 


The Chair thanked Mr Perrott for his question.


Governance Review. pdf icon PDF 100 KB

Additional documents:


The Chair presented a report for an improved governance structure for the Swansea Public Services Board.


He explained that The Core Group had discussed and agreed the options at its meeting last month.  The key principles guiding the PSB being transparency, inclusiveness, accountability and ensuring the effectiveness of the PSB;


The Governance Review proposed that a Joint Committee would fulfil basic statutory requirements. This would consist of Statutory Members, invited participants and consider representation from Housing and the DVLA.


The achievement of the Local Well-being Objectives would then be driven by Task & Finish Delivery Groups for each of the four local Well-being Objectives.  These groups would each be serviced by a statutory partner responsible for reporting.  Membership would include all relevant partners based on areas of expertise.


A wider Partnership Forum would meet twice a year in order to encourage wider and meaningful participation from stakeholders.  The new structure would be in line with other PSB’s in Wales.


Concern was raised that silo working may be encountered if each of the 4 partners focussed on one workstream alone.  It was clarified that there would be occasions when workstreams would need to work together on certain topics.  There would also be a standard agenda item on the Joint Committee for each work stream to report back, providing a monitoring process to ensure the 5 ways of working were being integrated into each of the work streams.


The report would be shared with the Public Services Board Scrutiny Performance Panel prior to implementation of the new structure.


Agreed that the report be noted.


Annual Report 2018/19. (Presentation)


The Sustainable Policy Officer, Swansea Council provided a presentation on the Annual Report 2018/19.


She outlined the following:


Action Plan Status

                 Each of the independent Objective Delivery Groups had individual, informal action plans;

                 In most areas, delivery had taken already place;

                 The action plans of each group varied considerably in scope, detail and format;

                 Some groups had not formally signed off their plans yet;

                 Several leads had been reassigned due to staff turnover/reorganisation.


The Governance Review was addressing key issues precluding sign off:

                 Improved communication, reporting and accountability;

                 Clarification of scope and streamlining;

                 It should be remembered the action plan covered three years of short term activity not all of which was started in year 1;

                 A coherent action plan that connects delivery would be formally signed off following agreement of the governance review.


Annual Reporting:

                 The PSB has a statutory responsibility to report on the year 2018/19 by 5 July 2019;

                 There were few specific requirements about the content or format of the Annual Report;

                 However it must set out the steps taken to meet Local Well-being Objectives;

                 It would be expected progress would be measured with reference to the national indicators and any performance indicators or standards set by boards showing how well they had implemented the plan.


Reporting Expectations - The Future Generations Commissioner's Office emphasises:

                 Distance travelled and self-reflection

                 Reflection on the five ways of working

                 Consideration of Commissioners advice

                 Awareness of PSB strengths and weaknesses

                 9 expectations set out in ‘Well-being in Wales, journey so far’


Innovative Accessible Reporting:

                 Accessibility for the public as the key audience was encouraged.

                 Film, interviews, interactive clips, and web pages were suggested.

                 Developing this capacity with our partners was being discussed as part of regional working throughout 2019/20 and a regional funding bid.

                 An Easy Read version would be produced implementing regional collaborative training, a testing group was sought.


Draft Annual Report Format:

1.              Message from Swansea PSB

2.              Our Vision and Local Well-being Objectives

3.              The Way We Work

4.              Swansea’s Local Well-being

5.              Progress towards our Local Well-being objectives

6.              Our Ways of Working

7.              Our Next Steps (Inc. SWOT)

8.              How you can get involved?

The tone was reflective with a focus on learning and case studies


The Chair thanked the Sustainable Development Officer for the presentation and work undertaken to date.


Agreed that partners provide the Sustainable Development Officer with the following:

                 Photographs, comments, etc that could be used in the report for publication;

                 Contact details of any organisations/companies that could assist with testing the “easy read” version.

                 The report be published by 5 July 2019.


Suicide & Self Harm Prevention Workplan. (Report & Presentation) pdf icon PDF 810 KB


Jennifer Davies, Swansea Bay Public Health Team provided an update on Swansea and Neath Port Talbot Suicide and Self-Harm Prevention – update report April 2019.


She outlined the background to why action was needed to tackle the issue.  Provided details of a workshop that was held on 11 March, facilitated by Public Health Wales, Chaired by Andrew Davies, which was followed by a series of workshops focussed around the six strategic objectives within the Talk to Me 2 strategy.


Further feedback and contributions were awaited and would be collated as part of the final report and integrated action plan/strategy to be developed by October 2019 to help inform and direct collective action across the Swansea Bay area. 


As part of the governance and reporting process for this work, she queried whether Swansea PSB wished to be involved and receive the update & action plan / strategy.  Neath Port Talbot PSB had already agreed.


The Chair agreed that Swansea PSB should be involved, however he would liaise with Neath Port Talbot PSB and Welsh Government regarding the correct reporting process.


The Chair thanked Jennifer Davies for the timely update.


The update was noted.



Letter from Scrutiny Performance Panel - Public Services Board dated 24 April 2019. pdf icon PDF 511 KB


The Chair reported that he would respond to the questions and comments raised in the letter from Councillor Mary Jones, Convener of the Public Services Board Performance Panel next week.


The letter was noted.


Correspondence between Scrutiny Chair and Future Generations Commissioner regarding pooled budgets. pdf icon PDF 254 KB

Additional documents:


The letters were noted.


Thanks to Chair.


Following the news that Mr Andrew Davies, Chair of Swansea PSB and Chair of Swansea Bay University Health Board (formally Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board) had announced his retirement, on behalf of the Board, Councillor Mark Child wished to convey his thanks to the Chair for his work over the past year, particularly in progressing the governance review and wished him all the best for the future.


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