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Agenda and minutes

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Disclosures of Personal & Prejudicial Interest.


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Minutes. pdf icon PDF 118 KB

To approve and sign the Minutes of the previous meeting(s) as a correct record.  


Agreed that the Minutes of the Swansea Public Services Board Partnership Group meeting held on 20 March 2018 be approved and signed as a correct record.


Matters Arising


Minute 39, page 3:

The Vice Chair reported that since the last meeting the Cabinet Secretary for Health had announced that Bridgend County Borough Council would be leaving Abertawe Bro Morgannwg Health Board and moving to Cwm Taf Health Board.  He reiterated previous comments that all partners were struggling with the number of meetings they had to attend. 


Public Questions.


Mr Nortridge Perrott asked the following question:


What action plans and processes are in place within the respective partners of the PSB in relation to Housing service demand to develop the sustainable development duty and detail any reports by those partners in relation to the Local Development Plan (LDP) process.


The Vice Chair responded that public questions should relate to a specific item on the agenda. The question does not relate directly to a collective action of the PSB as the LDP is a document prepared by Swansea Council.  Housing however, is a theme that runs through the Local Well-Being Plan.  As a result, collective actions to meet our Local Well-Being objectives take this into account. 


The Sustainable Development Officer would provide a response to Mr Perrott by summarising information from the driver diagrams in the Well-Being Plan and the steps within the objectives and action planning phase which take Housing into account.


The Vice Chair thanked Mr Perrott for his question.


Green Infrastructure (Natural Resources Wales). pdf icon PDF 165 KB

Peter Jordan


Max Stokes, supported by Hamish Osborn, Natural Resources Wales provided a powerpoint presentation in relation to Green Infrastructure (GI).


Green Infrastructure was a theme that came through strongly from the public consultation as part of the Working with Nature workstream.


He reported on the objectives, the steps being worked on which were detailed in the Well-Being Plan and outlined a multi-scale delivery project which included the PSB areas of Swansea, Bridgend and Neath Port Talbot. 


There was a discussion focusing on:


·                   Air quality varies significant across the Local Authority area and the clear relationship between poor air quality and ill health;

·                   Trees and plants can improve both the environment and health and also assist with surface water;

·                   How the wards for the pilot would be chosen;

·                   There needs to be more joined up thinking, including that in relation to the public rights of way network, urban commons and green corridors, in order to avoid lack of community ownership;

·                   How communities can utilise more open spaces such as Kilvey Hill / Crymlyn Burrows, Sketty Park with Clyne Gardens and Blaenymaes with Penllergaer Woods;

·                   ABMU Health Board were keen to be involved – an example of Glanrhyd Hospital being the first hospital in Wales to obtain the green flag award was reported;

·                   This was one of several projects which would link in with other projects;

·                   There were many groups / volunteers and ‘friends of’ groups that may be able to assist with the project;

·                   The Fire Service volunteered to share qualitative and quantitative data in relation to flooding, grassland and forestry incidents;

·                   How could the PSB (and individual partners) adopt GI on an ongoing basis in everything we do?


The Vice Chair thanked Max Stokes and Hamish Osborn for the informative presentation.


First 1000 Days Collaborative. pdf icon PDF 82 KB

Amy McNaughton

Additional documents:


Amy McNaughton, Public Health Consultant, Public Health Wales provided a powerpoint presentation in relation to the First 1000 Days Collaborative.


Cymru Well Wales is a movement of motivated organisations committed to thinking and working differently to create a Wales that we all want to live in, both now and in the future.


By harnessing activity and resources, partners within Cymru Well Wales are prioritising action on the issues which contribute most towards poor health in Wales.


The first 1000 days is a Cymru Well Wales priority because giving ever child the best start in life will help reduce inequalities and improve health and wellbeing across the lifecourse.


The first 1000 days programme is working to achieve three outcomes;


·       Optimal outcome from every pregnancy for mother and child;

·       Children achieve their developmental milestones at age 2;

·       Children are not exposed to multiple adverse childhood experiences in the first 1000 days.


Joining the Collaborative includes the following opportunities and benefits:


·       Assistance with promoting the importance of the first 1000 days with key partners and local influencers;

·       Support with getting started, including jointly hosting a System Engagement Event, and guidance for establishing a Local Collaborative Group;

·       Access to a national Collaborative Network to share learning and identify collective priorities for influencing policy and practice;

·       Access to small grant funding to help enable tests of local improvement activity;

·       Contribute to and influence the development and testing of nationally produced public information;

·       Priority access to national First 1000 Days learning events and training opportunities;

·       Guidance and support for evaluation and measuring impact;

·       Contribute to identifying research priorities and to be actively involved in the development and dissemination of the evidence base within the first 1000 days;

·       Be part of a collective voice for influencing across the first 1000 days system nationally.


The Swansea PSB would need to commit to the principles of Cymru Well Wales:


·       Acting today to prevent poor health tomorrow;

·       Improving wellbeing by harnessing activity and resources to amplify our collective impact;

·       Thinking and working differently to tackle health inequalities;

·       Empowering our communities in all that we do;

·       Learning from others to design innovative action for the future.


As a member of the F1000D Collaborative, Swansea PSB would need to be committed to:


·       Building a local coalition of multiagency partners who represent the first 1000 days system in the Swansea area;

·       Building a joint understanding of the current first 1000 days system;

·       Identifying, testing and evaluating service based quality improvement and system changes;

·       Sharing learning from Swansea with the F1000D central programme team and other members of the Collaborative.


The Vice Chair reported that Swansea Public Services Board had already agreed to sign up to the First 1000 Days Collaborative.


The group had a lengthy discussion on the key issues faced by each of the partners, particularly in relation to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) and how the PSB could progress this item.


Agreed that the PSB receive a report from the Early Years team on how the PSB can implement the First 1000 Days Collaborative.


The Vice Chair thanked Amy McNaughton for her presentation.


Action Planning Update. pdf icon PDF 151 KB

Suzy Richards

Additional documents:


Suzy Richards, Sustainable Development Officer, Swansea Council presented a report to update the partners of the current progress and potential risks in action planning development.


She had updated the report template so that it now included a link to the relevant Well-being Objective.


She outlined the progress to date in relation to each or the workstreams:


·       Early Years – Nina Williams (Sandra Husband & Sian Bingham), Lead Officers;

·       Live Well, Age Well – Polly Gordon, Lead Officer;

·       Working with Nature – Max Stokes and Phil McDonnell, Lead Officers;

·       Strong Communities – Amanda Carr, Lead Officer;

·       Sharing for Swansea – Lead Officer will be the new Deputy Chief Executive for Swansea Council.


The table identified each of the 20 steps and their status on 3 July 2018.  It should be noted that Working with Nature had only met on 2 July 2018 so information had not been included. 


Agreed that:


1)              The Sustainable Development Officer circulate the pro-forma to the Lead Officers identified in the above workstreams;

2)              The Lead Officers complete the pro-forma and return it by the end of August 2018.


Good Practice for BCC. pdf icon PDF 93 KB

Phil Roberts


Phil Roberts, Chief Executive, Swansea Council presented a report outlining guidance from the Information Commissioners Office regarding utilising the Blind Carbon Copy “bcc” facility in email to ensure recipients were not identified.


Due to regular correspondence being circulated to all partners, good practice is to utilise the “bcc” facility when circulating emails to various individuals / organisations.


It was felt that as public bodies, the “cc” facility should be utilised rather than the “bcc” option.


Agreed that the “cc” facility in email be utilised when circulating correspondence between partners of the PSB, however consideration be given to whether “reply to all” be used or “reply” to the originator when responding to emails.


Correspondence. pdf icon PDF 21 KB

·                 Welsh Language (Menter Iaith);

·                 Older People Commissioner;

·                 Support Letter – Academi Wales;

·                 Community & Town Councils;

·                 Swansea University;

·                 Equality, Local Government & Communities Committee Inquiry.

Additional documents:


The correspondence documents were noted.


For Information: pdf icon PDF 123 KB

·                 Minutes of the PSB Core Group meetings held on 10 May and 25 June 2018;

·                 Swansea’s Assessment of Local Well-being: 2018 Update.

Additional documents:


The “For Information” Reports were noted.


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