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Agenda and minutes

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No. Item


Disclosures of Personal and Prejudicial Interests.


In accordance with the Code of Conduct adopted by the City and County of Swansea, the following interests were declared:


Councillor C Anderson – Personal – Item 1(2018/2698/FUL) – Part of development is in my ward.


Councillor P Lloyd – Personal - Item 1(2018/2698/FUL) – I know one of the speakers.


Councillors M B Lewis, P Lloyd & T M White – Personal – Item 7(2019/0960/FUL) – Members of the Port Health Authority.



Minutes. pdf icon PDF 105 KB

To approve & sign the Minutes of the previous meeting(s) as a correct record.


Resolved that the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 7 July 2019 be approved and signed as a correct record.



Items for Deferral/Withdrawal.


(Item 6) – Planning Application 2016/1356 - Waste Recycling Transfer Station incorporating machinery, conveyors, portable/temporary buildings and material storage bays at Gwyn Yard, 4 St Teilo Street Pontarddulais, Swansea


Application withdrawn by the applicant.


Determination of Planning Applications under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990. pdf icon PDF 54 KB

Additional documents:


A series of planning applications were presented on behalf of the Head of Planning & City Regeneration.


Amendments/updates to this schedule were reported and are indicated below by (#)


Resolved that


(1)            the undermentioned planning applications Be Approved subject to the conditions in the report and/or indicated below(#):


#(Item 1) – Planning Application 2018/2698/FUL - Hybrid planning application for the redevelopment of the site to form up to 160 no. residential units and 1 no. retail unit (Class A1) comprising of a Full Planning Permission is sought for the demolition of most buildings, apart from the main part of the 1912 building (partial demolition) which is to be converted and extended to create 62 no. apartments with associated access (from Townhill Road _ Pantycelyn Road) surface and under croft parking, landscaping works and site wide access, drainage and engineering works to create development platforms; Outline planning permission is sought for the construction of up to 98 no. residential units and 1 no. retail unit (Class A1) with indicative access / layout, scale parameters (2 to 3 storeys), with associated access, car parking and landscaping works - appearance, layout and scale reserved matters at Townhill Campus , Townhill Road, Cockett, Swansea


Georgina Hayman & John Sayce (residents in support) and Phil Baxter (agent) addressed the Committee.


Councillors N J Davies, I E Mann and P N May (Local Members) addressed the Committee and outlined their broad support for the scheme in particular the retention of the 1912 building and the maintaining of the pedestrian/cycle access through the site.


A visual presentation was provided.


Report updated as follows:

Amendment to Page 54:

Removal of the sentence ‘prior to beneficial works commencing on site’.


Amendment to Condition 36 on Page 61:

Remove words ‘Site Characterisation’


Application approved subject to the completion of a section 106 planning obligation.


#(Item 2) – Planning Application 2019/1373/RES - Approval of revised reserved matters (access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale) for part of Phase 1 of Swansea Central, including parts of: Development Zones 1a, 3, 4a, 4c and 5 of outline planning permission 2017/0648/OUT as amended (LPA Ref: 2019/0980/S73, pursuant to Condition 3, comprising details of the:  servicing areas; Mixed use block extending to 36.5m, comprising multi storey car park, new commercial floorspace (use Class A1/A3/B1/D1) and residential flats (Use Class C3) to the north of Oystermouth Road; and associated ground level public realm improvements; approval of details pursuant to Condition 6 (landscaping strategy), Condition 8 (levels), Condition 9 (external finishes), Condition 11 (wind mitigation), Condition 21 (surface water drainage), and Condition 35 (ecological enhancement measures) at Former St Davids Centre and other Land North And South of Oystermouth Road, Swansea


A visual presentation was provided.


Report updated as follows:

Amendment to Condition 1 on Page 94:

Drawing ‘P04’ Planning Ga, East West Elevation’ should be referred to not drawing ‘P034’ Planning Ga, East West Elevation.


Amendment to Page 76:

Of the 33 units 14 will be 1 bed 2 person units and 19 will be 2 bed 3 person units


In place of:

Of the 33 units, 15 will be 1 bed 2 person units and 18 will be 2 bed 3 person units’


This mix also aligns with the information submitted for condition 12 of the outline planning permission. It can be confirmed that the residential element of this phase is 100% affordable housing.



#(Item 3) – Planning Application  2019/0500/FUL - Change of use from residential (Class C3) to 4 bed HMO for 3 people (Class C4) at 15 Middleton Street, St Thomas, Swansea


John Rowe (objector) addressed the Committee.


Councillor C E Lloyd (Local Member) addressed the Committee and outlined his objection to the proposal.


A visual presentation was provided.


Report updated as follows:

Description of Proposal on Page 97 is incorrect and should read:

  • Change of use from residential (Class C3) to 3 bed HMO for 3 people (Class C4)


2 additional late responses received from one resident making reference to concern that the plans seem to indicate there are 2 properties within the application – 15 & 16 Middleton Street. The responses make reference to 2 application forms and errors on the plans making reference to 16 Middleton Terrace. Concern raised that the application being recommending is not truthful and that the committee should not be misled to accept incorrect documentation.


Officer Response:

This application was originally received in March this year and the supporting application form and site plans proposed a 4 bedroom HMO at No. 16 Middleton Street (defined on a site location plan but referred to as Middleton Terrace on the application forms).


Following consultation of the application a range of objections were received during its early processing in April. During this time it transpired that the applicant’s agent had incorrectly referred to No. 16 Middleton Terrace when in fact the applicant’s property was No. 15 Middleton Street.


Following concerns raised by officers about the level of accommodation within the property to serve the use the scheme was subsequently amended with a reduction in the number of proposed bedrooms to 3 (from 4).


Amended plans and forms with the correct information were received and a new consultation commenced in June with neighbours having opportunity to comment on the amended scheme. Any remaining reference to ‘Middleton Terrace’ on the drawings is a typographical error and the former application form has been superseded.


To summarise it is clear that the application property is No. 15 Middleton Street and the application has been processed on this basis.



#(Item 4) – Planning Application 2019/1325/FUL - Change of use from residential (Class C3) into a 4 person 4 bed HMO (Class C4) at 20 Edgeware Road, Uplands, Swansea


Councillors I E Mann & P N May (Local Members) addressed the Committee and outlined their objections to the proposal.


A visual presentation was provided.


Report updated as follows:

2 additional late objections have been received from the below occupiers with issues raised as follows:

4 Edgeware Road

  • Poor existing sound proofing between properties.
  • Houses left to go into disrepair.
  • Introducing further HMOs will devalue area further which will have a negative effect on house prices.
  • Would have a massive impact on parking for residents.
  • Rubbish is another issue.
  • Residents of Uplands want to keep Uplands a family friendly residential area.


19 Maple Crescent

  • Property is small and find it unbelievable that this property can house 4 bedrooms and associated rooms safely and with adequate space.
  • parking is often very difficult due to the large number of cars in the area, this proposal could mean an extra 4 cars all trying to park on already crowded streets.
  • problems of refuse collection in areas that house HMO’s.
  • Quite possible that this property might be let to students with the resulting problems of waste collection and the accumulation of rubbish building up.
  • Obvious effects on house prices, overcrowded roads, extra parking requirements, potential noise problems and rubbish problems.



#(Item 5) – Planning Application 2019/1204/S73 - Variation of condition 2 of planning permission 2016/0086 granted 15th June 2016 to allow for a limited period being 40 years instead of 24 years at Cefn Betingau Farm , Rhydypandy Road, Morriston, Swansea


Richard Mears (agent) addressed the Committee.


A visual presentation was provided.



#(Item 7) – Planning Application 2019/0960/FUL at Extension to scrap metal processing facility at Kings Dock, Swansea


Gareth Price (applicant) addressed the Committee.


A visual presentation was provided.



#(Item 8) – Planning Application 2019/1562/FUL - Front bike store at 18 Knoll Avenue, Uplands, Swansea


A visual presentation was provided.



#(Item 10) – Planning Application 2019/0717/FUL - Two storey extension to provide communal lounge/living area with balconies at Hengoed Park Care Home , Cefn Hengoed Road, Winch Wen, Swansea


Councillors V M Evans & P Lloyd (Local Members) addressed the Committee and outlined the concerns of local residents regarding the continuing development of the site and its impact on residents, particularly relating to visual impact and traffic issues.


A visual presentation was provided.



(2)      the undermentioned planning application Be Refused for the reasons indicated in the report:


 #(Item 9) – Planning Application 2018/2313/FUL - Construction of 46 apartments, in two blocks, for occupation by people aged 55 and over with associated car parking and facilities at Former Council Depot, 37 Pontardawe Road, Clydach, Swansea


A visual presentation was provided.


Patrick Moss (agent) addressed the Committee.


Councillor P B Smith (Local Member) addressed the Committee and outlined her objections to the proposals in their current form.



Planning Application Ref: 2019/1232/106 and 2018/2671/S73 - Construction of 80 no. Residential Units with Associated Access and Landscaping Former Civic Centre Site, Penllergaer. pdf icon PDF 110 KB


The Head of Planning & City Regeneration presented a report which sought authorisation to modify the Unilateral Undertaking made pursuant to S106 of the Town and Country Planning act 1990 (as amended) for the development at the former Civic Centre, Penllergaer.


The background to the original application’s approval was outlined and detailed in the report.


The main issues relating to the wording of the original section 106 agreement that had been subsequently highlighted relating to registered social landlords/affordable housing/social rented houses were also outlined, particularly around the term “intermediate rented housing”.


Resolved that Members authorise the modification of the S106 agreement (planning obligation) to amend the terminology to omit the term “rented” from the definition of “intermediate housing” and update the remainder of the agreement accordingly so that the applicant can utilise other Welsh Government approved intermediate products and provide a Mortgagee in Possession clause for Social Rented units only.





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